Get pissed! It’s okay to feel big emotions. Life is hard, and there are so many variables that can effect us negatively. We all have pent up aggression. The best way to deal with aggression and extreme emotions is to get it out. Don’t bottle it up, that’s toxic. Pain and anger are heavy on our souls and we don’t need to bear that burden.



I have always wanted to learn how to fight. I grew up in a violent household, the problem was I was never the aggressor. I was the victim. It broke my heart, and I’ve done a tremendous amount of work to heal my inner child. That little girl endured far more than anyone should ever have to. What I realized earlier on was that I am a warrior in my core. I refuse to give up. That’s not always a healthy thing, but it makes me persistent and dedicated. I am a natural fighter.

My older sister was in the Air Force, and she was taught some of the fight styles of Krav Maga. We lived together at the time, and she would come home with big bruises on her elbows. Naturally that immediately struck up a conversation, and she told me about her day, which included her learning how to fight. I was hooked. I thought, if she can do it I can do it! **No offense BG**

So, I did. It took me about a decade after that before I was in a position to join a specialized gym like Krav Maga. It was worth the amount of effort I put into it.

What I didn’t realize was how much I was going to enjoy smashing the bag. Just throwing punches. I actually became more angry at first. Like years of aggression were pouring out of me. I had to be careful to not let my ego grow. I felt powerful in ways I never had. I could finally protect myself from evil men.

Aside from the emotional flush, I not only did I get into incredible shape, but it turned me into a real athlete. Throwing a punch isn’t like going for a jog. Your breathing is so different. I learned how to breath when I was doing something active, and that made me a better run. I was a three sport athlete in high school, and I’ve always stayed active. Learning to fight tested muscles that somehow I had never used. I have played so many different sports, and therefore rehearsed several athletic moves, but somehow I never activated certain parts of my body.